heya! i'm taxi - a cute little dead girl vtuber~
welcome to my website!

i'm a 90s kid, a fan of older games, and have a particular fondness for 2000's nostalgia.

this page is very new so it's partly still under construction, but feel free to click around and sign the guest book/draw in the oekaki! i do plan on adding more sections! but thank you for taking interest >:3c

Stream Stuff


27 jan, 2022
- added a taxi art section! for gift art, commissions, and picrews - WIP until i upload all the art lol

21 jan, 2022
- added streaming schedule to front page xD

20 jan, 2022
- added 2 new games to my completed on stream list! (Pokemon Shining Pearl + Summertime Madness)

16 jan, 2022
- added a basic anime list. needs cleaning up!

15 jan, 2022
- added a pop-up playlist for daily tracks
- changed skull and hearts emoji to custom pixel art
- tweaked layout size

13 jan, 2022
- added a daily spotify track and a page for it's history
- finished uploading 2021 art gallery

12 jan, 2022
- added new art
- added a button wall page
- added a site info panel with visit counter and last update date
- added neocities profile link
- cleaned up css

11 jan, 2022
- published this changelog lmao.
- added a new art

09 jan, 2022
- added linkback button and custom cursor!
- font changes and minor tweaking to layout

07 jan, 2022
- added a hidden link easter egg? owo go find it.

05 jan, 2022
- official site launch!!